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Hazards and Mains! [Jan. 22nd, 2009|03:28 pm]
North and South stamping!


[People Change: |cheerfulcheerful]

Strengths:kind,caring,sweet,good at public speaking,friendly,a great friend,includes people,tactful,fun,i memorize stuff quickly,idealistic

Weaknesses:to sensitive,says sorry to much "sorry!",stubborn,to polite,neive, a little self pityish at times i'm afraid lol!

Laid-back Doers are friendly, happy persons. They enjoy being together with other people. Smart, eloquent, witty and charming,

Intense Thinkers are kind, loving and caring people. They are strong and true to their morals and convictions . Yet, they use so much tact you won't be hurt at all! They are extremely polite, even to a fault. They have a sense of honor. They love logical discussions, and think too much into things and become oversensitive.

How People Describe You:kind,a great friend,fun

Favorite State: South Carolina
Dislikes:hypocrasy,dishounesty,rude people,injustice,when people enjoy crulty,  when people during debates resort to name calling "You Closeminded Racist" "Well you stupid radical" Thats hurtful and just plain mean!

likes:public speaking,my friends,my youth group,family,being with my friends, pretty much anything with my friends :),politics

the worst insult someone called you:vain

hair color:blond

eye color:they change! blue/green/grey

What are you scared of?: I can't think of anything right now :(

Kind or Mean:kind

Leader or Push over: usally leader I guess

Brave or Timid:brave

Favorite episode?: I LOVE THEM ALL! the first one I guess Orry dosn't limp! :) I don't like the last one as much because Mt.Royal burns :(. and Clarrisa dies.

Favorite line?:hmm not sure I have alot of them!

Shy or Outgoing?:outgoing

Loveable or Disliked?:lovable!

favorite character: Orry, Madilane,Brett,George,Constince,Augusta,Charles,Billy,and mostly everyone else! lol!

least favorite:Bent>he is so selfish and cruel,Virgilla>she dosn'tet others speak :(,Justin,Alice Peet,Ashton,Salem Jones>urr!!!!

what do you think of people who judge you by what state your from?: i'm not like that! well I know some people are like that I just don't fit in with them!

what would you do if you someone you hated hurt:help them of course! :), I believe in helping my enimies.

and if they don't except your help: I would feel really bad! and sad! and hurt! but at least I did what was right!

what do you think of slavery?:against,if you mistreat them verbully/phisically,etc. its wrong! its wrong to hurt people!! I understand though back then they didn't know it was wrong so we can't get to mad at them.

succession?:hmmm depends on the situation but as a very last resort

what do you think of change?:only if its good change of course!

what are you like in an argument?:I participate in it since I like to debate but try not to offend anyone and listen to all sides. but still say what I think but tactfully,and always stay true to what i think :)

goals in life: Well......I want to go in politics! and restore America to the way our founders intended it ;)
anything else: thanks for voting!!